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Justin Winslow

My name is Justin Winslow and I currently reside in Austin, TX. By day I am Lead UI Designer/Developer for a start up in the world of solar energy, by night I am an aspiring musician and I occasionally write about things that interest me.

I specialize in standards compliant HTML, CSS and Javascript with a strong focus in visual and interaction design.

Latest Project

For most of this year I have been working on designing and building the client interface of a solar array performance analysis application. The software delivers a variety of measured and inferred data tools and visualizations for aiding in array maintenance, cleaning and warrantee scheduling.

The browser side of the software is a single page application built with modern HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It is designed to be fast which means, fast navigation - by way of reduced server involvement in interface rendering - and quick, intuitive, user-focused navigational paradigms.

Recent Work

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